TV, Video Games and Bad Parenting Creating Generation of Dumb, Addicted Two-Year-Olds

We love HDTV and video games something fierce, but this news out of the U.K. is pretty rotten. Apparently, parents are allowing tots to watch so much TV that they're forgetting their own names.

It sounds almost too terrible to be true, but research is starting to show that a large crop of humanity's future is becoming so addicted to TV time and video games that their basic communication skills are not materialising. Instead, UK kids are apparently Dr. Who savants with wicked hand-eye coordination. That's great for Halo online multiplayer, but not great for the kids, as the epidemic is purportedly more prevalent than dyslexia or autism, experts said.

The problem has spurred Tory MP John Bercow to propose an ambitious nation-wide screening program to ID these developmentally challenged youths and treat them accordingly. The screening tests would be conducted during routine annual checkups just like an eye or hearing test test.

And a brief aside to close things out: Video games at two years old? I think I was trying to put square blocks into circular holes, but whatever. I'm not jealous just as sure as I am that my name is... [The Telegraph]

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