Trendnet's Wireless N Router Fits in Your Pocket

Trendnet has unveiled what they are calling "the world's smallest wireless N travel router" with the TEW-654TR. There have been other pocket-sized routers of course, but not one this small with Draft N support.

Measuring 6.4cm wide by 8.3cm long by 1.9cm high, Trendnet's router claims to pack speeds up to 300Mbps (a significant upgrade from the current crop at 54Mbps). The carrying case comes with a thin 90cm Ethernet cable, an electrical adapter and an alternate USB cable—allowing you the convenience of powering up via your computer. If you travel a lot, and it works as advertised, this little router would be well worth the $US90 price tag when it is released in March. [Trendnet via CNET]

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