Toshiba Bringing Windows Media Extender To LCDs, Standalone Players Second Half of 2009

Toshiba Bringing Windows Media Extender To LCDs, Standalone Players Second Half of 2009
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Toshiba’s jump into the network-enchanced home entertainment game is partnered with Microsoft–Windows Media Extender functionality, along with Yahoo widgets, will hit their Regzas, combo LCD/DVD players and a standalone player–but we’ll have to wait.

Toshiba doesn’t look like they’re showing any of said MCE-equipped products here. So we’ll just have to take their word for it, but if you’re a Media Center head, this might be the way to go later this year. At least it’s something to make up for their still-gaping Blu-ray hole.

New TV, LCD TV/DVD Combo and Standalone Player Utilise Widget Channel, Developed by
Intel® and Yahoo!®, and Microsoft’s Windows Extender for Media Centre Platform to Deliver
an Exciting Content Solution for the Home

CES, LAS VEGAS – January 7, 2009 – Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C.
(“Toshiba”), announced its new audio/video (A/V) devices with Network Player capabilities,
which deliver on the promise of digital convergence in the home. Toshiba is launching this
initiative across three product categories – REGZA® LCD TVs, LCD TV/DVD Combos and
standalone players – in an effort to meet individual consumer needs.

Toshiba’s new A/V devices offer consumers access to a diverse range of rich content over the
Internet. With an extensive library of TV shows and movies, music, sports, and information
services such as stock prices and weather forecasts at their fingertips, consumers will be
provided with greater flexibility to easily customise and enhance their entertainment experience.

“Toshiba took the initiative to bridge the ways consumers normally access Internet content and
entertainment media with the introduction of network devices that will bring the Internet
experience to consumer electronic products in the home,” said Yoshi Uchiyama, Senior Vice
President, Corporate Planning. “According to a recent study conducted by NPD for Toshiba, a
large majority of consumers cite simplicity as the essential issue for adoption of Internet content.
Therefore, key to Toshiba’s home network strategy is a focus on simplicity – making it simple to
connect, simple to operate and simple to access content. The new line of Toshiba AV devices
with Network Players will open up an entire new world of content delivery in a way that
consumers will like.”

Getting Connected
Toshiba’s A/V devices with network player capabilities use a combination of two core
components, including the Widget Channel, developed by Intel and Yahoo! and Microsoft’s
Extender for Windows Media Center.

While consumers may be familiar with widgets from the PC world, TV Widgets, enabled by the
Widget Channel framework, now take that simple to use “dashboard” experience and place it
into the TV allowing consumers direct access to numerous sources of content simply via their
remote control. While some TV Widgets may be pre-installed, consumers now also have the
flexibility to customise their experience by adding widgets of their own selection based on their
interests or needs. TV Widgets will feature a rich array of content and as more TV Widgets
become available, consumers can add them to the Network Players to enhance their assortment.

By integrating Extenders for Windows Media Centre in Toshiba’s new A/V products with
Network Player capabilities, the devices will act as “hubs” for delivery of content anywhere in
the home. Using a home network, Extender for Windows Media Centre technology allows users
to access a wide range of digital content from Windows Media Centre on the PC to their big
screen TV. Windows Media Centre also delivers an extensive amount of Internet TV and movie
content, live and recorded TV with the addition of a TV tuner, plus photos, music, home videos
and more.

The combination of the two software platforms in one hardware device will deliver on the
promise of the new digital lifestyle.

Toshiba will approach the market by offering several choices from which consumers can select
the product that best fits their particular needs.
The Network Player capabilities described above are scheduled to be built into certain models of
Toshiba’s REGZA LCD TVs. This will provide consumers with easy access to the rich media
experience without the need for an external set top box or device.

As the market leader in the LCD TV/DVD Combo category, Toshiba will also integrate the
Network Player capability to offer flexibility and simplicity for consumers whether they choose
to use it as a primary TV in the home or in the bedroom, kitchen or children’s room.

Toshiba will also develop a standalone player, which acts as a hub for content delivery into the
entertainment space. The new player can deliver content directly from the Internet, content from
the PC with Extenders for Windows Media Centre or from its built in DVD player with 1080p
upconversion. With an SD card slot and USB port for added flexibility, the device allows
consumers to access their entertainment content in any room of the house and all at a value that
consumers have come to expect.

Toshiba’s A/V devices with Network Player capabilities will feature picture quality enhancement
technologies, allowing viewers to enjoy a wide range of content upconverted to near HD quality.
The new models are planned to ship in the second half of 2009, and product pricing and
availability will be announced later this year.