Tibetan Monk Skull Pinhole Camera Probably Takes Afterworld Snaps (NSFW gallery)

This is Yama, a pinhole camera made of silver, gold, mercury, gem stones and a Tibetan monk skull blessed by a Lama. Even if I had the $US5,000 that it costs, I won't buy it.

And unless you are Dr. Stephen Strange, I won't recommend it either. I mean, not only it looks terrifyingly freaking, but it probably has magical powers. Seriously, just looking at the photo gives me goosebumps. All the wrong ones.

The Yama, named after the Tibetan god of death, is designed by Wayne Martin Belger. [Boy of Blue via Born Rich]

NSFW note: There are images showing genitals. They are artsy, but if you can't watch those things, don't enlarge.

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