This Concert Stage Backdrop Is Actually a Window

Although architect Jan Kaplicky, 71, passed away last week. Recently, photos of his incredible final project has been uncovered, a concert hall with a stage in front of a real window.

The two-leveled building is set to be a concert hall, with a dark, undulating roof representing the colour and shape of a sting-ray. Inside the architecture, the focus of the concert hall will be directed towards the stage, which uses a large oval window that frames the outside world as the backdrop scenery. It seems like a cool idea, but I could see how it could possibly become a distraction from the action that's happening on stage. (Streakers and attention seekers, anyone?)

Kaplicky's final project is set to be built in his hometown, České Budějovice—in the Czech Republic—starting 2010, and may be open to the public as early as 2013. [Architects Journal via Design Boom]

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