The Penicillin Fix For Your iWork '09 Trojan VD

Here's a fix for the trojan you may have picked up while dipping unprotected into murky pirate waters for a bootleg copy of Apple's iWork '09.

You can do it all manual-like, with the following Terminal incantations (But be careful! That's some unprotected deleting going on there):

1) (open

2) sudo su (enter password)

3) rm -r /System/Library/StartupItems/iWorkServices

4) rm /private/tmp/.iWorkServices

5) rm /usr/bin/iWorkServices

6) rm -r /Library/Receipts/iWorkServices.pkg

7) killall -9 iWorkServices

Or, the folks at MacScan have released a free utility that handles the cleanup by itself. Download it here. [Macrumors]

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