The Sanctuary Crew Sure Does Like Their RED Cameras

Sanctuary isn't a terribly popular (or interesting) show, but it does look nice. It's no coincidence, then, that they're the first North American production to exclusively use RED cameras .

As a production, Sanctuary has taken a lot of risks—they were also the first TV show to go almost completely green-screened, depending on rendered backgrounds for many of their shots. Oddly enough, this technique allowed the RED to really shine.

The crew gushes over the RED One, speaking mostly about its ease of use and versatility, and hinting that its reasonable price allowed the cameramen to spend a bit more on cinema-grade lenses. The most important ability of the RED, as far as Sanctuary is concerned, is resolution. With digital chopping an manipulation the name of the game, it's vital that individual components of the video can be cut and integrated into a composite scene without losing clarity, something which the One's massive 4k sensor makes possible.

It's also interesting to note how using a camera like this changes the production dynamics of a show; reviewing and editing footage occurs almost instantly, rather than hours later as in a traditional film production. So interesting is the production scheme, in fact, that it's the most interesting thing about this entire show. Oh well! [Dvice]

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