The Cost Of BigPond Gaming: $6,041

bigpond-daniel1.jpgA word to the wise - if you're going to host a massive online gaming battle royale using your Telstra BigPond internet connection, you may want to monitor your usage. Closely.Stephen Fenech over at the tells us the story of Justin Cavanagh, who connected three computers to his BigPond account for some online Battleground Europe action. His next BigPond bill said he'd exceeded his monthly quota of 60GB by more than 38GB, which at 15 cents a MB worked out at total bill of $6041. Ouch. Although you have to wonder why he didn't heed (or what happened to) the email notifications from Telstra saying that he was approaching his monthly quota.

The other thing you may want to do is get Stephen Fenech to contact Telstra for you - apparently after being contacted by him, Telstra had a spokesman ring Justin immediately to waive the bill as a gesture of goodwill. Now that's power.

[ - Thanks Steve!]

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