The 50 Greatest Special Effects Shots In Cinema

Not only did the Den of Geek assemble a respectable (if not a little controversial) list of the top 50 special effects shots of cinema, the site also explained the tricks behind the illusions.

Of course the well-deserving staples show up in the list (Star Wars, Tron and Jurassic Park), but there was one in particular that I didn't know about, and it may be the most convincing moment on the list.

In Total Recall, there's a brief moment when a secretary changes the colours of her nails with the tap of a wand. How did they do it? The illusion was created through rotoscoping, a layered matte animation in use since 1915.

Since you're not doing anything at work today, hit the link and enjoy the whole list. And no, there was no mention of that other effect from Total Recall in the top 50. [Den of Geek via OhGizmo!]

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