Study Finds 48% Of Australians Use Their Phone On The Toilet

A Microsoft survey has found that 48% of Australians will admit to using their phone while on the toilet, while 66% of Chinese people admit to the same thing. The real question here is who the hell actually admits to that kind of thing?The survey asked 2500 people across the Asia Pacific region questions about their mobile phone habits. Other discoveries are that 24% of men believe it's perfectly acceptable to propose over the phone (I wonder how many women said yes), and people from Melbourne are more likely to go through a partner's text messages than people in Sydney.

Obviously, as with any statistics, the numbers can be made to argue pretty much any point, but I just can't understand why anyone would actually confess to being a toilet talker. Isn't that the kind of information you'd want to keep out of the hands of a large company like Microsoft?

On the up side though, maybe we'll start seeing MS-branded Bluetooth handsfree kits especially designed to attach to your toilet roll holder. Actually, that's not a bad idea. Hey Microsoft, I'll use my phone on the toilet too if it means I can get a prototype of one of these...

[AAP via]

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