Stealth Bomber: Cool As a Plane, Really, Really, Really Stupid as a Motorcycle

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, an occasion that can only be properly immortalised by the crew at Orange County Choppers, apparently.

I'm no warmonger, nor am I a motorcycle fiend, but I can appreciate both a landmark plane with an iconic design and a lavishly expensive bike all the same.

Yet when I look at this B-2 bike, all I can think is, the US Airforce actually spent money on that?

How about we commemorate 20 years of the B-2 bomber with, say, the uber-badass B-2 bomber? Who cares that this bike has some of the original titanium from the original B-2 aft deck or that each wheel features some stupid scale models of B-2s in star formations? What's next, B-2 collectible cards in the spokes?

I look at this motorcycle and can only reminisce of the short-lived Street Sharks cartoon/toy campaign. It's a caricature of America's historical techno-military supremacy, but an unintentional one at that. [Northrop Grumman via Gizmowatch]

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