Sony W-Series Walkman Has Got No Strings, And No Display

Sony has gone all Pinocchio on us with its sportsy W-series Walkman MP3 player, eschewing cords for an all-in-one music player/earbud ensemble. $US70 for 2GB of storage and 12 hours of playback time.

Besides being wire-free, this wearable walkman features quick charging times—3 minutes for 90 minutes of playback, and half an hour for the full 12 hours. Magnetic connectors keep the earphones in a cute heart-shape when not in use.

The W-series doesn't have a display, but lets users sort through their music with a hilariously-named ZAPPIN function—it plays "popular clips" of each song in the library until you select what you want to hear. Hm, sounds less fun than its name.

Ultimately, it's neat looking but I wonder if they'll actually stay on while you're jogging.

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