Sony Vaio P Super Netbook Hands On

The keyboard? It rocks. The screen? Beautiful. The trackball is just the right amount of gritty, so your finger sticks to it and doesn't slide off onto the keyboard.

The keys are small, but just the perfect amount of small—you'll only have a problem if you have fingers the size of fried carnival pastries. They're really punchy, too. The trackball seemed a little too sensitive, but it could've just been me being overexcited.

The form factor looks weird in the press shots, but in person, it works—incredibly well. It's very clearly a Porsche compared to the Chevy-esque standard netbook. It's got a 1.33Ghz Atom inside—not incredibly speedy, but 2GB of RAM lets it run Vista okay. Screen is, duh, gorgeous thanks to that incredible pixel density. You'd almost think you could work on it, but we're not so convinced yet.

Expect some more impressions and specs soon.

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