Sony Ericsson's Premier 3 Walkman Phone Rips Directly From CDs via 3.5mm Jack

If you can get past the hot pink, Sony Ericsson's Premier 3 Walkman phone has a really cool look. Plus it has some interesting features—including the ability to rip music directly from a CD.

The Premier 3 is part of Japanese phone company KDDI's Spring 2009 line-up and it features a beautiful 3" (480×854l) display, 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, GPS, Infrared and a dedicated remote control. If you want to rip music from a CD, all you need to do is plug the player into the remote via a 3.5mm plug and you are good to go.

With such a large screen and MP3 capability, you would think that the Premier 3 has the potential to be an awesome portable media player—but Sony Ericsson inexplicably shot themselves in the foot with a MicroSD slot that can only handle 2GB cards (there is only 50MB onboard). What a waste. Pricing and release information have not been announced. [Impress via Newlaunches and Akihabara News]

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