Slacker Radio Now Available for BlackBerry, Coming to iPhone Very Soon

Just after Slacker for BlackBerry quietly slid out of the gates yesterday, MobileCrunch caught up with a company rep at the ShowStoppers CES event and found out that the iPhone version isn't far behind.

Not at all far, as it turns out. MobileCrunch reports that the release could come as soon as tomorrow, which is fantastic news. If you're not familiar with Slacker, it's an almost too-good-to-be-true online radio site that enables and Pandora-like streaming, in conjunction with more tradition radio-style stations and easily controllable user-made stations.

As with the Slacker standalone player, the station content will be stored locally on the BlackBerry or iPhone, meaning that you don't need a solid 3G or Wi-Fi connection to play back your music. It's safe to say that the iPhone version, like the Blackberry app, will be free, but some features will be disabled unless you have a full Slacker subscription, a fact that holds true across the Slacker range of products. [MobileCrunchThanks, Daren!]

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