SATY Mosquito-Repelling MP3 Player Has Built-In Breathalyser Just Because

At CES, there's the good stuff, and there's just the plain old weird stuff: SATY, a Chinese company, has made an MP3 player that has a built-in breathalyser and mosquito repellent.

In addition to the breathalyser and mosquito repellent (which just really eeks out a high-pitched tone to annoy everyone around you), it has a flashlight, radio, and is capable of playing videos. When the battery runs out, you pull a string repeatedly to power the device. With such a random list of features, it's an all-around device that not only repels mosquitoes the size of Texas, but maybe, just maybe, prevents you from waking up with something Texas-sized in your bed the next morning after a night of drinking. [GEARlog]

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