Rhys Millen Screws Up Truck Backflip Yet Again, Keeps Spine Intact This Time

God is trying to send Rhys Millen a message: quit trying to backflip a truck, you'll hurt yourself. The question is how many times it will it take for him to receive it.

In 2007, he broke his spine while doing practice jumps for a planned New Years Eve jump. This NYE, he tried again. And while he finished the rotation, he screwed up the landing (as much as you can control the landing in a truck) and ended up rolling down the landing hill.

Give it up, dude. In the end, even if you nail it, it's not even that impressive for you personally. It'd be more impressive that your team was able to engineer a jump that properly flips you up. Simply driving straight at a crazy contraption and then being willing to be badly hurt over and over again don't take that much finesse. Listen to the man upstairs, go be an accountant or something.

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