Retailers Actually Being Told To Stop Using The Term ‘Netbook’

Retailers Actually Being Told To Stop Using The Term ‘Netbook’
ImageRemember when Psion came out and said they had a trademark on the word Netbook and that everyone should stop using it? Well they actually meant it. What a bunch of douchebags! According to an email sent from Retravision head office this morning, the retailer “MUST stop using the definition ‘NETBOOK'” (their caps). Not only that, but they have to remove all references to the word from “all collateral, web, presentations etc”. You have to feel for retailers in this situation – netbooks is such an apt way to describe these cheap little computers, and even though they’re working on a replacement name it almost certainly won’t have the same sort of marketing appeal.


Please be advised that we MUST stop using the definition “NETBOOK”

Please remove from all collateral, web, presentations etc. and communicate the changes to the sales team.

They are working on a replacement name and will advise shortly. The reason is that a UK company had registered the name “Netbook”.

Toshiba has been the first to advise this, though there is no doubt all other vendors are affected.