Re-Released Takara Tomy Transformers Watch Needs a Little More AllSpark

If you need help reliving your childhood, Takara Tomy is re-releasing its classic Transformers watch. I don't remember Transformers looking so drab though. Funny what a few years will do to your perspective.

The Transformers Chrono Label will come in two versions: Cybertron Autoceptor and Destron Time Limit. The old-school dot graphic timepiece detaches from the wristband, and with a bit of tugging becomes a tiny little transforming robot.

It can be pre-ordered from NCSX for $US290.90 each. Wow, is there anyway we can transform that price into something less ridiculous? And maybe bring back this cute pop-up Transformer watch instead? At least it's got colours. [Geek Alerts]

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