RCA Small Wonder EZ209HD: $US120 MicroSD High Def Recording

While RCA debuted their Small Wonder camcorders at CES 2008, the model they are showing off just a year later looks vastly improved.

While it's still surely a mediocre HD camcorder (I mean, it's $US120), the EZ209HD is smaller than its predecessors, ditching the SD slot to save space with up to 16GB of MicroSD, while still fitting a larger, 2-inch LCD screen.

Recording up to two hours of video on a single charge, the EZ209HD supports HD, SD and 60fps shooting. Plus it takes 8MP stills and includes HDMI out for direct-to-TV viewing of your footage. All-in-all, the new Small Wonder appears to be much nicer than older models—though you'll have to wait until spring to buy one.

Also, if you are at the show, the RCA/Audiovox booth will be giving away 4,000 of these camcorders. You pick up a little stuffed dog at their booth. If it's marked with a (star?) you win.

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