Psyko Audio Labs 5.1 Gaming Headphones Pound Your Entire Skull With Sound

The folks behind these Psyko 5.1 surround sound gaming headphones went an unorthodox route when deciding how best to deliver sound to your ears—through your skull.

And if the picture doesn't give it away, then I'll just tell you: It's delivered by a bunch of speakers in the headband. Two subwoofers live in the cans, and your fillings will live on the floor after they get shaken from your teeth.

Skeptical, like I was at first? Well, apparently they do the job, says DVICE:

Coupled with subwoofers in the earphones, the result is impressive — during a Call of Duty 4 demo, the sound had some amazing depth with distant artillery booms muddled as they should be, and nearby gunshots crisp and present. There was also a very clear direction in my mind from where each sound came, seemingly more so than I get with the surround-sound headphones I currently use.

I suppose for $US300 they better work as advertised. You can try them too, when they launch later this year. [DVICE]

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