PSP to Come in New, Festive 'Carnival Colours'

OK, when we were brainstorming new functionality for the PSP, who out there requested four new "carnival colours" instead of a second analogue stick?

Beginning March 5th, Japan will have access to the PSP in Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow and Spirited Green. They'll come alone for about 19800 yen (the normal PSP price) or with a matching case/wrist strap and 4GB Memory Stick for 24800 yen (that's about $US280 when converted).

I don't know about you, but these new PSP colours make me crave elephants, clowns and bearded women...and definitely not in that order, if you know what I'm saying. [Sony and Akihabara News via Kotaku]

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