Perverted Gadget Prank Flags the ASA

The infamous Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was stirred to investigate this free 'USB Fornication Optimiser' after receiving complaints that, SURPRISE, it wasn't a real offer.

An offer on retailer boffer's site, it's tough to imagine that anyone might think the listing were legitimate given, if not the device itself, the accompanying text:

"Here at boffer we love our customers. The only complaint we have is we don't have enough of them. Since kidnapping people and forcing them to buy stuff off us is a bit extreme, we have decided that you guys will have to help us by manufacturing new customers...

"With this in mind, we have teamed up with The Shenzhen Cattle Breeding Company to launch by way of a freebie (that's right at no cost to you) a brand new product... We bring you THE USB FORNICATION OPTIMISER."

When the order link was clicked, it brought customers to a customised Rickroll (you know the clip, so I won't bother pasting it here).

Four of these customers then complained that "the promotion was misleading because it was not clear that it was not a genuine offer" while another three claimed the ad was offensive to those struggling to conceive. The ASA investigated the site on causes of Substantiation, Truthfulness and Decency before boffer was deemed clear on all accounts. [The Register]

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