Peek Email Device+Lifetime Subscription for $US300, Today Only

The proudly specific Peek email/texting device is on sale today for an all-inclusive $US300, which covers lifetime service (normally $US20 and month) and the handset (normally $US100). Not bad for Time's Gadget of the Year.

But! How good of a deal is it? Pretty good, as it turns out. Even assuming you're pretty hard on your gadgets, you should get your money's worth on this one. The traditional plan, with handset purchase, will cost you $US300 after just ten months, so if you plan on keeping your Peek for any longer than that you may as well dive in.

Unless, of course, this is the beginning of a death spiral. This deal is just the latest in a line of discounts and significant feature-adds from the company, whose niche device might not be gaining as much traction as it needs to survive. A lifetime subscription to Peek isn't much use if the company flatlines. [Peek]

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