OXX Digital Internet Radio Costs $299 And Plays All Types OF Radio, Except AM

OXX Digital, Classic 600.jpgDon't forget kids: Digital radio is coming this year! And it's exciting! It's like digital TV, except for radio! Of course, you'll need to buy yourself an all-new radio that has a DAB+ tuner inside it to be able to listen to it, and that's where the OXX Digital radio comes in. Not only will it play the new DAB+ standard that's launching in May this year, it also doubles as an Internet radio device, while an FM tuner lets you listen to the static transmissions of radio ages past. Apparently it will also stream tunes from your PC wirelessly. Of course, the hiccup to this plan of world domination is price: $299, and you don't even get an AM tuner. I mean, is it really a radio if you can't enjoy the 2GB DJs insulting their listeners every day?


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