Osama Bin Laden's Brother Invents Must-Have Tourbillion Watch For Pilots

Osama and his half-brother Yeslam have two very different professions. One is the world's most notorious terrorist and the other is a pilot that makes fancy watches like those in his new "Aviator" line.

First off, Yeslam has lived in Switzerland since the 80's and has openly condemned the acts of his brother. His company sells perfume and other fashion accessories, but this particular line of tourbillion watches was apparently inspired by the death of his father in a plane crash. Should the electronic instruments break down in an aircraft, the pilot can determine true airspeed without calculations and estimate the duration of the flight before takeoff. A watch in the Aviator line is expected to cost between $US9,472 and $US24,430 depending on the value of the metals used. [Yeslam via Luxurylaunches via Luxury Watches]

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