Open-Topped Limo May Discharge Passengers At Over 480KPH

Attempting to beat the Bugatti Veyron's 400kph top speed, Michael Pettipas built the GP Limo hoping to breaking 480kph. Three years later, although the Veyron still holds the record, the limo still holds our attention.

Stepping out from the norm, this limousine has no champagne buckets, stripper poles, disco balls, or lavish seating. However, this grand prix-style race car can seat up to seven people—six willing passengers and a daredevil driver—and despite its open-roofed design and unbelievable speeds, the GP Limo is completely street legal.

If this ever does get up to 480kph, it'll get your prom date's dress off quicker than you'll ever be able to. [GPLimos via AutoBlog via Oh Gizmo! via DVice]

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