Once the Ultimate Sign of Universal Mastery, Private Jets Are Now Totally Uncool

Now is a really good time to pick up a second-hand Gulfstream. Why? In our bailout-ridden times, a private jet has become as stigmatic as those knockoff L.A. Lights you had on the playground.

Seasoned in their coverage of the many laments of being rich, the NYTimes talked to many current and former jet owners about what's happening. It's pretty much a given now that if you're taking bailout cash (and these days, who isn't?), the jets have to go. Making now totally the time to buy!

"A year ago, there would be 30 people looking for one airplane," said Jay Mesinger, a corporate jet broker, who said that prices had fallen 30 to 40 percent since late 2007. "Today there are 30 airplanes looking for one buyer."

Aside from the U.S. becoming one giant used jet lot for the young emirs and oligarchs of the world, something tells me that the hip-hop community will raise up and do its part to keep the Gulfstreams of the world in solvency. They've never really had a problem with blatant displays of excess, have they? [NYTimes]

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