Obama Wants to Delay Analogue TV Shutdown to June 12

More on the proposed delay of the digital TV switchover: Obama's transition team co-chair sent a letter to Congress supporting WV Sen. Jay Rockefeller's proposal to push the transition to June 12. This is dumb.

Transition co-chair John Podesta writes to Congress: "We respectively reiterate that only legislation that includes a delay of limited and specific duration will provide Congress and the new Administration a realistic opportunity to resuscitate and modify the coupon program."

Besides all of the vested corporate interests in delaying the shutdown (or not), changing the date that has finally been pounded into the heads of many people (even my mum knows about this thing, at this point) will just create even more confusion.

The digital TV switchover should proceed next month, but with the "nightlight" program the FCC approved that'll leave a warning message up for about a month and immediate, fresh funding for the coupon program, so we can get on with this thing. [WSJ]

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