NSW Police Getting A Virtual Reality Firearms Range

VR shooting range.jpgForget Call of Duty 4 on your 360 - for the latest and greatest interactive shooting game you need to join the NSW Police Force. According to Edmund Tadros over at the SMH, the NSW boys in blue are planning on dropping around $2 million on a state-of-the-art virtual reality firearms range to boost firearms training at the Goulburn police academy. The range will use replica guns shooting at a video screen, complete with recoil action and using wireless technology (although what wireless tech isn't mentioned).As with pretty much any story involving NSW police, there's a lot of political mudslinging in the SMH article, but from all accounts it seems like the VR range will be used to supplement live firearms training, and is being used to improve confidence and ability for young officers.

Now the real question is how long before an enterprising young police officer hacks it for some multiplayer Halo after it opens for training later this year.


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