Novint CEO Demands Falcon Haptics Controller Be On Consoles By Year-End

We LOVED the Novint Falcon and pistol grip attachment in September, but non-PC, console-owning chaps were left out in the cold. If Novint is successful, that could all change by the end of the year.

Gaming blog Joystiq, speaking with Novint CEO Tom Anderson, reports that the haptics gaming device will be on consoles by the end of 2009 if he has anything to do with it. While a far cry from "the Novint Falcon haptics gaming device is definitely coming to consoles this winter," the declaration had moxie, dammit, and that's good enough for me.

The holdup is, unsurprisingly, the console manufacturers (Wild guess: Likely just MS and Sony), who were wary of supporting the device until a good number of developers embraced the technology. From Anderson's viewpoint, that support has materialized, somewhere, and companies are now "piling on" the Falcon.

So, a console version is more likely now than it was in September, but it's still a ways from being a done deal. [Joystiq]

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