Novelist Censors Own Book To Sell As iPhone App

Remember the author whose book got rejected from the iTunes App Store because of "obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory" language? Well, they published his book, but only after he took out the dirty bits.

My friend David Carnoy, whose day job is an editor at CNet, finally got his greenlight from iTunes, but he had to change all the S-bombs to "damn" or "crap" and pull a lot of F-bombs too. Not only does "F me like you mean it" fail to maintain the same ring as the original NSFW dialog, but this chilling effect, directly or indirectly censoring our budding novelists, isn't something Apple should be engendering.

Carnoy has hope to reintroduce the colourfully worded version as a standalone app soon. He says other app categories already have options for mature content, so why not books? [Knife Music, censored but free on iTunes]

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