Nokia Bringing Unlimited Music Service To Australia This Quarter

Fans of music and Nokia phones are in for a treat: according to a Reuters report, Nokia is bringing their "Comes with Music" service to Australia in the next couple of months. In case you don't remember, Comes with Music is a service that gives you 12-months worth of unlimited music downloads, which you then get to keep at the end of your 12 month subscription. Crazy, huh?The Reuters article quotes Tero Ojanpera, the head of entertainment and communities at Nokia, as saying that the next two countries after the UK to receive the service will be Australia and Singapore, where they'll be launching the service in February and March. At the moment, there's no indication of which handsets the service will be packaged with in Australia, but when it launched in the UK last September it was only available with the 5310. And although the music itself is free, the cost of the service is built into the cost of the handset, so we can't really say what this will cost you yet either.

We've put the call into Nokia's Australian office to try and get some more info on these issues and more, so stay tuned.


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