New Zealand Man Buys Thrift-Shop MP3 Player Full of US Army Classified Information

An MP3 player purchased for $US14.50 (brown Zune?) at an Oklahoma second-hand store had an extra surprise inside—60 files containing Iraq- and Afghanistan-deployed soldiers' personal info, a mission briefing and base equipment manifests. Score!

Chris Ogle, who hails from the Kiwi town Whangerei, says the device (sadly unspecified) never worked as an MP3 player, and when he plugged it in to diagnose why, said military files were found. Included in the dump are large lists of deployed soldiers with their SSNs, mobile phone numbers and health info, as well as lists of equipment deployed to various bases and mission details.

Chris says he will return his new found treasure to the DOD if they so request, and in the mean time, is honing his skills at providing soundbytes in rhymed verse:

"The more I look at it, the more I see and the less I think I should be!" he says.

[TVNZ via /.]

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