Netgear Jumps in the Mobile Broadband Game With the WWAN 3G Mobile Broadband Router

The 3G Mobile Broadband Router is Netgear's first foray into the land of 3G sharing, and shares the connection of any compatible 3G USB dongle.

The router looks like any other Netgear device in design, but it has a USB port for the dongle and (presumably) you configure all the settings through the router page. There's even an optional car power adaptor so you can take your show on the road. The 3G Mobile Broadband router will be available in Q1 of this year for $US130.

And for consumers and professionals on-the-go, NETGEAR's 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router
(MBR624GU) creates an instant WiFi hotspot using 3G mobile broadband access service for broadband
access virtually anywhere, simply by plugging in any compatible 3G USB modem to the router. Mobile
users thus have the flexibility to create a WiFi network whether in a satellite office, construction site,
emergency centre, vacation home, at an offsite event or campsite, or even from a moving recreational
vehicle. The 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router features auto detection of compatible 3G USB
modems and associated mobile carrier networks to have broadband access almost instantly. It supports
SPI, intrusion logging and reporting, denial-of-service (DoS) protection, up to five IPsec VPN endpoints,
and NAT. With Push 'N' Connect with WPS, energy saving features, and an optional car power adapter
to power the router while on the move, NETGEAR's 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router is ideal for
sharing a 3G broadband Internet connection practically anywhere with friends, colleagues and family
members. More information can be found at

3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router (MBR624GU)

Compatible with extensive range of 3G USB Modems and networks.

Four Ethernet ports for LAN connectivity; USB 2.0 Host WAN port.

SPI, DoS, NAT, and supports up to 5 VPN endpoints.

"Push 'N' Connect" button based on WPS.

WiFi on/off button and Power on/off button to save energy while not in use.

Auto detection and installation process for easy setup.

Repeater configurable and static routing feature.

Advanced application based on QoS.

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