Mosquito Click Lightning Review

Mosquito Click Lightning Review

mosquitoclick.jpgThe Gadget: The Mosquito Click – a gadget that purports to stop the maddening itch of a mosquito bite using piezoelectricity.The Price: $20
The Verdict: My natural inclination is to cry out “Snake oil” and toss this into the nearest body of water. But I actually think that maybe, perhaps, there might be a chance that it actually does have an effect.

So despite my best intentions, it actually took me a while to get bitten by a mosquito this Summer. As soon as I found myself scratching a visible bite though, I ran to grab the mosquito click to administer the potential remedy.

The Click works by creating a small spark – much like the starter on a gas stove or barbecue – which you press onto the bite. It hurts a tiny bit, but not so much that you visibly flinch.

For the first few seconds, there’s a numb sensation that I guess you could argue takes away the itch. But then it comes back in force – even though you’re not supposed to keep using the click, you find that it’s either charging your bite with dozens of clicks, or scratching it until it scabs over. Either way, the itch seems unbearable for about 15 minutes.

But then… it goes away. I mean, even though you can still see the bite, there’s no itchiness. To be fair, sometimes that happens after a little while anyway, but for the bites I had, I actually noticed that it wasn’t itching about half an hour or so after I thought I’d go mad from the desire to scratch my leg off.

So, final verdict is that it makes things worse before it makes them better, at least for me. Other people have had other experiences, from what I’ve read online. And that element of doubt is always going to make the $20 asking price a bit too high… For $10, maybe, but $20 – my fingernails are still free, I’m afraid.