More Windows Mobile 6.5 Shots Put Internet Explorer On Display

We've seen some of what Windows Mobile 6.5 can do already with it's Zune-style interface, and inertial scrolling, but now a couple shots of the new Internet Explorer from XDA Developers have trickled in.

It doesn't show a ton, but it's worth noting the new Internet Explorer has new finger friendly navigation bar at the bottom that reminds me a bit of Opera Mobile. It also shows a hive style app menu that seems to validate these screenshots from last year that seemed questionable at the time (though these earlier shots still look way more stylized than what we're seeing here...wonder where those came from).

WinMo 6.5 looks like it's shaping up to be a more substantial upgrade than 6.1 was. Consider me intrigued. [XDA Developers]

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