More Sony Vaio Pocket Leaks: Screens That Sweet Don't Come Cheap

While we knew much of Sony's new netbook's specs already, the price was still a mystery. But new leaks put the Vaio Pocket awfully close to the $US1000 mark, which makes it a pricey toy indeed.

The leaks confirm the 1.33 GHz processor, and specifies it as a Z250 Atom, as well as the ultra-sharp 1600x768 8-inch screen. It'll be packing 2GB of memory as well as GPS, which suggests it'll at least have an option of Windows Vista. But the juiciest detail is the price: 700 Euro, which comes out to about $US970 ($A1370). That'd make it one of the most expensive netbooks out there, and aside from the screen, it's not a huge bump in specs over HP or Dell's offerings. These are still unconfirmed rumours, so we'll have to reserve judgment until Sony rolls out the official announcement. Here's hoping that price isn't quite right. [UMPC Portal]

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