Macau To Be Represented At Shanghai World Expo By A Giant Bunny Pavilion

Remember World's Fairs? I wish I did, because they seemed like they were a prit-tay good time. And now, instead of self-cleaning kitchens, rocket cars and the World of Tomorrow, we get Bunny Pavilions.

Not dissing the Shanghai Expo outright, as it seems like a pretty good place to exhibit cracked-out brain melting exhibitions of the oncoming international future, and Macau is the gambling and casino capital of China (nay the world), so it makes sense that its representation is a little, how do you say, Vegas.

Regardless, the pavalion features solar panels and rain collection, and bunny's ears are inflated balloons that can bob up and down. The whole thing is designed by Macau firm Carlos Marreiros (it used to be a Portugeuse colony). So, who wants to meet me in Shanghai in 2010 with tons of acid? On second thought, Chinese jail probably isn't as nice as the Bunny Pavillion. [Carlos Marreiros via Neatorama, Picdit]

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