LogMeIn App Allows Remote Access of Your PC or Mac via the iPhone or iPod Touch

LogMeIn has taken their awesome remote access desktop app and ported it to the iPhone and iPod Touch—allowing one click control of your PC or Mac from anywhere.

The guys at TUAW gave the LogMeIn Ignition app a thorough test and discovered that it was stable and worked exceedingly well on Wi-Fi and 3G. You can even use EDGE in a pinch. And it was a lot easier to configure than other free or low priced VNC solutions. However, there is one very big downside. The $US30 price tag makes it one of the more expensive apps in the store—a small price to pay for support pros that could make use of the anytime, anywhere access, but probably a bit pricey for the casual user. [LogMeIn and TUAW]

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