Lightning Review: 3GJuice Portable iPhone Charger

Lightning Review: 3GJuice Portable iPhone Charger

3gjuice review.jpgThe Gadget: The 3GJuice portable iPhone chargerThe Price: $74.95
The Verdict: It does pretty much exactly what it says it does. Pretty much. The one great thing about the 3GJuice is its size and portability – you can throw this in your bag and forget all about it until you actually need to charge your iPhone. Which I did, multiple times.

The first time I used it, there wasn’t a problem. It charged my less than 10% full iPhone battery in a fairly quick timeframe – I was actually surprised at how quickly it worked. I switched it off and waited until the next night to try again to see just how much charge this thing holds, but then I encountered a problem:

No matter what I did, when I plugged the 3GJuice into my near-empty iPhone, it would not charge it. It would start, then stop, then start, then stop, then start… and every time, the iPhone would beep like I’d just plugged it in. In the end I had to give up – I recharged the 3GJuice via USB cable and tried again, without trouble.

So, it pretty much did what it said it would do, although I could only get one full charge from it at a time. But in reality, if you’re going to buy a portable iPhone charger, it’s for that one charge when you really need it, isn’t it?