Lenovo 'Ad' Does Great Disservice to the W700ds, Humanity

This video, in short: an creepy guy tells a ridiculous story involving a lusty lady and a Lenovo W700ds. He brags about his second screen, then makes a joke about his presumably large genitals. Genius!

CNET seems to think this came from within Lenovo, but I'd think even the most tone-deaf marketing division would never to let this leave the screening room and fire whoever brought it to them.

In a way, it actually is kind of genius, but only if viewed as a reductio ad absurdum argument against sex in marketing. In the sequel, our fine protagonist will wake up, realise the last ad was all a dream and open up his dual screen, 500GB RAID, integrated tablet Lenovo W700ds to start looking up ways to kill himself. CNET will also call this an official Lenovo video. [CNET]

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