Leave Big Jobs in Small Spaces with the Collapsible Cirrus MVR Bathroom

The Cirrus MVR bathroom concept keeps your bathroom out of sight and out of mind thanks to its award-winning fold-up design. Just be mindful of the sink—the water is constantly recycled to save resources.

But recycling is precisely the point, according to designer Michael Trudgeon. In the Australian outback, where this restroom might have a home someday, water is scarce.

So is space, apparently, given the collapsible design, but we have a hard time believing the outback suddenly became a bustling overpopulated metropolis overnight. If there's anything the outback is not short on, it's vast expanses of dusty nothingness. Nevertheless, this sure beats a wooden outhouse or worse, a simple hole in the ground.

Trudgeon received a Bathroom Innovation Award in '08 for his design, which would be equally at home in Corbin Dallas' futuristic apartment as it would in an Outback Restaurant. [Bathroom Innovation Award
via DVICE]

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