Kogan Agora Delayed Indefinitely

Agora1.jpgI hope none of you were waiting with bated breath for your Kogan Agora smartphone to be shipped in a couple of weeks - the Aussie company has just sent out a press release saying that due to potential future compatibility issues, the phone has been delayed and will be redesigned.If you did pre-order what was to be Australia's first Android mobile phone, Kogan have announced they'll be refunding your money in full.

One of the potential issues is that developers could produce applications at a higher screen resolution than the Agora was destined to have, meaning the programs wouldn't work on the phone.

I'm not sure where I sit on this issue - on the one hand, it's good that a company isn't just becoming another part of the Beta culture by releasing sub-par products, while on the other hand, they made such a big deal about it being cheap, open and soon to be available. There's no timeline on when we actually will see the phone now. All the people that ordered from around the world are going to be mighty disappointed.

Have a read of the press release below, then tell me what you guys think.

Kogan Agora to be delayed

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, 16th January 2009 - Kogan Technologies' Agora phone will be delayed indefinitely due to potential future interoperability issues.

Kogan Technologies founder Ruslan Kogan said the phone will undergo a significant redesign in order to ensure its compatibility with all future Android applications.

"The Agora reached a very late stage of development, manufacturing had commenced and we were within days of shipping the product to customers. But it now seems certain the current Agora specifications will limit its compatibility or interoperability in the near future," Ruslan Kogan said.

"One potential issue is that developers may create applications for the Android operating system at a higher resolution and screen size than the Agora provides in its current form.

"I am sorry for this delay, but in the interests of proving the best possible product at the best possible price, I cannot disappoint my customers by supplying a product that I am aware will shortly have significant limitations.

"My priority is to release a phone that will do justice to the Kogan brand and offer great value to our customers. Since the design of the Agora, the Android community has been growing quickly, with new developers setting out their objectives to create a host of feature-rich applications. I now believe that in order to access all the Android platform has to offer, the Agora must be redesigned.

"The Kogan team is already hard at work designing a new phone that will be better suited to the needs of Android application developers and our customers."

All customers who pre-ordered the Agora will receive a full refund.

Ruslan Kogan will continue to blog about and discuss the redevelopment of the Agora at www.kogan.com.au/blog




    I was looking to buy one after some reviews came in...
    The screen resolution was always a bit of an issue for me though. I think the blame rests with Google's SDK for not easily allowing apps to re size and shortsighted developers making applications which will only work on popular phones like the G1
    It seems that android has a long way to come before it can truly deliver a service like the iPhones app store.

    Boo... :(
    Too little (info.) too late
    This excuse is a poor one at this stage, Kogan would have had to have been aware of this issue earlier.
    Which leads me to believe there is more to the 'indefinite' delay than meets the eye...

    Should include something (voucher etc.) as well as a full refund to consumers who paid full price up front, people who had expectations of this new product from Kogan. It would show good customer relations and help to keep loyalty to the brand.

    For now, back to waiting to see what new Android device will be released.

    To be honest I'm kind of impressed. They're not exactly a company people have the highest expectations of in terms of quality but it's nice to see a semi 'budget' brand showing that the 'you get what you pay for' excuse doesn't cut it. Admittedly I wasn't really planning to buy the Agora, especially now that the Pre has whet my appetite.

    As Sir-Mix-a-lot would have said, I like big screens and I cannot lie. Gizmodo can't deny.

    So lame. I ordered mine and everything. *sigh*. The wait for an android phone continues.

    This is bullshit. How is it possible that they've come this far and now just realised that it may not be future compatible? And to even give the public the example of one of their "potential issues" as being related to the resolution is just lazy. That excuse is terribly weak.

    If that is in fact the truth, though, what's more interesting is what happened in the period between the design stage and now. The first post regarding the Agora said that they hadn't even finalised the design. That was the end of October 08. That was only about two and a half months ago. I know this industry moves quick, but, seriously what could of happened in that short period of time that would prompt them to stop production at such a late stage? Surely they could of foreseen issues that would have such a large impact.


    Oh no, I bought a phone Agora.
    Now it is on the shelf, waiting his time. Better to take https://yepo.com.au/phones/mobile-phones/a00024710-microsoft-lumia-640-xl.htm much faster.

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