Kobe Bryant Can't Live Without DVR

It's no surprise that Kobe Bryant is a huge game film addict, but the LA Times's look at the tech Kobe uses to feed himself massive amounts of video daily is a great read.

Aside from the awesome dash-mounted screen in his Range Rover here, Kobe's primary window into getting into his opponents heads is a portable DVD player and custom-made "KB"-monogrammed headphones (eat that, Dr. Dre). He gets custom 8-12 minute montages of every player he may guard for every upcoming game, and watches them religiously.

Just like the Daily Show, the Lakers staff employs five laptops, eight DVRs and 18 DVD burners to crank out the footage for Kobe and the rest of the Lakers. Sure beats splicing together 8mm reels and getting mountains of VHS tapes in the mail; we live in a privileged age. [LA Times]

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