Knight Rider Clones the iPhone, Poorly

Pardon us for being a bit late on this one, but apparently Knight Rider went through the trouble of crafting this strange fake iPhone, rather than just using a normal iPhone, for the series.

Spotted during Season 1 Episode 12, the KnightPhone pulls just enough iconography from the iPhone to make people think (oh, it's an iPhone!) but simultaneously changes enough details so that people subsequently realise (oh wait, it's not really an iPhone, it's just kinda sorta an iPhonish thing).

So what is the series saying here? Is Knight Industries really just a Chinese OEM that specialises in cloning Apple products? And does this mean that Michael Knight has a pink iPod touch with Hello Kitty on the back that also receives FM broadcasts while playing XviDs?

I will admit, however, that the CALL IGNORED indication is fairly fantastic. Take note, Cupertino. That's captivating drama. [Thanks Alexis!]

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