Knife-Wielding Teen Holds Parents Hostage Over Mobile Phone Punishment

If you have teenage daughters, you had better think twice about taking away their mobile phone—because you could end up hiding in a bedroom while she frantically stabs at the door with two kitchen knives.

That's just what happened to parents in Delaware after they revoked their 16-year old daughter's mobile phone privileges for stealing money to buy prepaid minutes. According to police, the girl dual-wielded kitchen knives and violently attacked a bedroom door where her parents were cowering in fear. After around 10 minutes of negotiation, the police were able to diffuse the situation.

In the last few months we have seen a runaway teenager die after having his Xbox 360 taken away, a teenager kill his parents over Halo 3 and 30-year old brothers stab each other over a PS2 controller. Naturally, this begs the question—what the hell is going on here? Is this a parenting issue, a social issue, or a scary psychological disorder that needs to be taken more seriously? [cbs3 via Fark]

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