Jenga Electronic Game Features Real Blocks for Real Frustration

I', not sure that Jenga is one of those games that can be played tiny, monochrome display. But given enough willpower and enough plastic, as we all know, anything is possible.

This latest Jenga handheld by Zizzle toys features two real (non-wood) blocks that you actually slide in and out of place. Use too much force and the virtual tower will come tumbling down, but unlike in real Jenga you can sneeze to your heart's content. Aside from the movable blocks, it also features the option to zoom in for precision work and options for 1 and 2-player modes.

It's no technological powerhouse, but for $US20 at Walmart (and more retailers soon), it'll shut those kids up in the backseat without sacrificing your beloved Nintendo DS to Barbie computerdom.

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