Japanese Doctors Using Wii Fit to Help You Stop Being Fat

Nintendo has partnered with NEC, Panasonic and Hitachi to put together a system that actual doctors will use to check up on actual patients, using a Wii Fit.

The add-on is a special channel for the Wii, called the "Health Checkup Channel", that provides two-way communication between doctors and their patients. For the doctors, the system is essentially a readout of whatever information Wii Fit collects, presented over time and in the context of the patient's medical history, which I would assume he or she would be privy to. For the patient, the experience is much like the vanilla Wii Fit, except with a real-life doctor feeding you personalised guidance.

The Checkup Channel is expected to launch in Japan by April. Video of Nintendo recent Wii Fit guilt campaign. [Nintendo via Akihabara]

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