Japan Has Double the Robots of Everyone Else, Density-Wise

As a break from all this CES news, let's talk about robots—specifically, which countries are chock full of them. Unsurprisingly, Japan has the densest robot population, with 295 industrial automatons per every 10,000 workers.

Perhaps a little more eyebrow-raising is Singapore's place on the list, which beat out South Korea by five robots per 10K workers for the number two spot. What?

First off, Singapore is tiny and isn't really known for its manufacturing capabilities...where are these robots and what are they doing? Spying on the people to make sure they aren't chewing gum or something, I bet.

Secondly, what gives South Korea? You make all this fuss about working on robotic soldiers, deploying robotic teachers, campaigning for robot rights and even frickin' creating a robot land... and you're in a paltry third place? For shame! [Spectrum Ieee]

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